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I would like to take a moment to welcome our friends from TDM, an armoured unit we have previously done joint-operations with. They will be joining the 7CMBG as a permanent Armoured Detachment, as the Royal Canadian Tank Regiment (RCTR). We expect the full merger to take some time as we solidify their orbat, permissions and SOP. We expect that this merger will bring in between 8-16 crewman by the end of the year. We look forward to working with the RCTR to better emulate Mechanised Infantry in the CAF, within 7CMBG. More information to come regarding armoured training, and recruitment for the detachment to follow.

Rock on!

Posted on July 09, 2024.

A brief update on the situation in eastern Europe.

Since last report the situation has deterioriated. Following a proclamation of martial law on the 21st of April, Donovigrad's president and a dozen assembly members were forced out of the state house by armed militiamen. Furthermore, the nation's military has split into three inequal parts and is actively trying to take ground from eachother. Donovigrad's national army now competes with the RUF and PPUA, each of whom have assimilated some of the military's personell, equipment, and territory. The purpose of this appears to be settling the national identity vote through force instead.

A large build up of militiamen and armoured vehicles around the city of Krasnye Seltsy has caused an intensification in the fighting. Each side is vying for control of this crucial city as it is both the largest by population and holds much of the nation's critical infrastructure.

Yet the UN taskforce continues to push further into territory held by hostile militia elements, attempting to carve out a peacekeeping salient. All sides are moving in the direction of Krasnye Seltsy, and it may very well be the place of a culminating battle that decides Donovigrad's future. The Canadian contingent of the taskforce (1RCHR) is steadfastly moving to the city's environs in attempt to create a blockade between opposing sides in hopes of forcing a dialogue.

Operation Drifter continues Saturday, the 18th of May.

Posted on May 15, 2024.

The 7th is going to Europe.

An urgent situation is developing in the semi-autonomous region of Donovigrad. The eastern European state is under threat of civil war, stemming from a recent referendum on Donovigrad's national affiliation (50.2% for change, versus 49.8% against). A protest on the vote escalated into sectarian violence, with twelve people killed in the upheaval. All twelve shared a common nationality.

Since March 2022, Donovigrad's borders have been closed to its European neighbors. Two years of economic downturn have culminated in financial collapse. Their failing economy was a strong driver for change, though the exclave's population is significantly divided among ethnical and ideological lines; each side viewing the referendum differently. There is a very real potential for open conflict.

The UN has declared a state of emergency, and several NATO nations have agreed to particpate in a stability operation. 7CMBG is the Canadian component of this effort.

Operation DRIFTER commences Saturday, the 20th of April

Posted on April 18, 2024.

Photo of Lt Col Morency.

Lieutenant Colonel Stephane Morency is an officer of distinction, being a 14 year member of 7CMBG and 38 year member of the Canadian Forces.

Born and raised in Quebec, his father was also in the military. Morency learned English while living in Gagetown with his father, and in his teenage years enlisted as a combat engineer with the army reserves; eventually transferring to the air force as an officer and flight navigator on the CP140 Aurora. Morency's achievements are numerous, and he is now set to take over as commander of 17 Wing Operational Services Support in the summer of 2024.

A happily married man with five children, he has a passion for hockey, running, and travelling in his camper; but not without a small office to work on mods. Both Morency and Edwards run Task Force Canada (TFC), providing the unit with custom built models based on their real-life equivalents. He details how this led to the unit’s creation: “Back then it was ONS, Operation North Star. 7CMBG was invented to test the mod.”

The joint venture between ONS and TFC became 7CMBG, with the unit’s first commander being O’Halloran. Fast forward to today, now “it’s a club. It’s a group that’s pitching in”, it’s a self-oiled machine that Morency is quite proud of; “I’m loving this”.

Posted on March 30, 2024.

Operation Achilles enters its second month. Fierce fighting persists in the urban and rural areas of Kunduz Valley. Despite the exhaustive efforts from local forces and the RCHR, the opposition continues to launch offensives from Kunduz' northern countryside. The battle of Chahar Dara is now in its third week with substantial fighting in and around the city; four members of RCHR were severely injured and five Afghan soldiers fell in battle on the 23rd of March while attempting to reclaim the city after it fell into enemy hands just one week prior. Operation Achilles is set to conclude on the 6th of April.

Photo of A Company on a hill overlooking Charar Dara. Photo of RCHR's A Company, 3rd Platoon on a hill overlooking Charar Dara

Member Spotlights are coming to the newsletter. You can read about Lieutenant Colonel Morency this weekend when the first spotlight releases.

Congratulations to newly promoted Master Corporal M. Sim and Private B. Mac.

Posted on March 27, 2024.