The Russian government claims Ukrainian forces from Kharkiv have engaged and destroyed several of their installations. In retaliation, Russia drastically ramped up military activity along the Russo-Ukrainian border and mobilized additional units. Ukraine responded in kind stating that they had the inherent right to self defense against Russian aggression against their soverignty. The Ukrainian government immediately called up for volunteer fighters and mobilized their own forces in Kharkiv. Diplomatic negotiations deteriorated further between the two nations and officially broke off on 10 JAN 2022.

11 JAN 2022 - A NATO task force including 7CMBG arrived in Ukraine and along with 2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team (2ID, US Army), they began a road move from Western Ukraine to the Dnieper River.

13-14 JAN 2022 - Russian-backed and Russian ground forces began an offensive operation in the Donetsk province and advanced into Ukraine. The American 2SBCT is rerouted south in order to deter further Russian aggression in southern Ukraine. Elements of the Russian Army's 3rd Motor Rifle Division began their operations over the Ukrainian border, overwhelming the Ukrainian defenses and advancing deep into the country. 7CMBG and the Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade are tasked to support the 92nd Mechanized Brigade in the vicinity of Kharkiv.

16 JAN 2022 - The 92nd MB's positions are overrun by the greater Russian firepower and retreat southeast from the city. Simultaneously, 7CMBG crosses the Dnieper River.

18 JAN 2022 - 7CMBG vanguard elements encounter Russian forces 15km west of Krasnograd. Canadian vanguard forces are ordered to disengage from heavy contact singlehandedly and to scout out the Russians' strength in the AO. 7CMBG currently ordered to maintain defensive positions with the 93rd Mechanized Brigade until further notice.

20 JAN 2022 - SIGNIT and reconnaissance intel from CANSOFCOM determines the Russian motor division's main objective is Poltava and maintained a defensive posture until resupply lines have caught up with them. 93rd Mechanized Brigade begins fortifying defenses in and around Poltava.

22 JAN 2022 - 7CMBG are ordered to assault Russian forces who have entrenched themselves in the tree lines and those advancing along MSR P-148 in order to cut off Russian communication lines and halt their offensive.

Map of Russian forces' advance (Arma virtual)

Posted on January 18, 2022.

"Tango, Reference balconey being suppressed, hit it with HE!" -Cpl Justice, Section IC

Members of 1 Platoon, RCHR and 1st Troop, RCTR conducted training involving the use of the Section Commander leading their section, plus a Leopard 2 tank, in urban terrain. Following a quick 10-minute lecture led by 2Lt Andrews, members of 1 Platoon mounted on board one of the Leopard 2 tanks and rode to their first training "stand". Dismounting from the tank under fire, Cpl Justice led his section and his attached "Tango" support tank to assault force and break into the village. For the next 20 minutes, hand grenades, rifle fire, and 120mm high explosive rounds crashed along the main road of the deserted town as both elements struggled, learned, and excelled as a cohesive fighting team!

Following a quick AAR and "rebombing", Cpl Justice was given his next mission of clearing a small cluster of industrial compounds in a wooden clearing. Making a quick plan, the infantry mounted up again and conducted a tank desant assault onto the first compound, breaching through the cement walls using the tank as a battering ram. After a couple hand grenades and light machine gunfire, the team regrouped and using the tank as a bullet shield to cross an open area, set off. WO Hill expertly commanded the tank to slowly roll along, providing both cover and suppressive fire using the coaxial machine gun. Cpl Justice, under the watchful eye of Sgt Roy, led the team to the clearing both remaining compounds as challenges and stressors were added in the form of loud flybys and sporadic artillery.

Well done to all members who attended!


Posted on December 17, 2021.

Version 2 is finally here! 🎉

Yes, the elusive version two has finally been released and is now in production. With that of course, comes some (many) bugs 😄

With that comes a series of very large and important changes, such as but not limited to the following:

Changes 🆕

  • Added Requests:
  • Added Donations
  • Added User profile
  • Added Livestreaming page
  • Added Livestreamer API check
  • Added J1, J7, and J9 Control panels (UI)
  • Added ability to manage 14 days attendance from the home page
  • Added Email/Pass login ability
  • Added filters to events
  • Added Server item to events
  • Added modpack item to events
  • Added ability to edit events
  • Added ability to delete events
  • Added display of files for events page
  • Added ability to add server + show state
  • Added ability to list and create, edit and delete modpacks
  • Added dedicated news page
  • Added event sort-colours based on categories of events

Improvements 🏗

  • Improved homepage layout
  • Improved mobile-friendliness
  • Improved homepage events card.
  • Improved events calendar API
  • Improved readability of news posts
  • Improved event sign up page
  • Improved notification system
  • Improved news layout

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed Authentication system disconnect
  • Fixed attendance marking
  • Fixed event time countdown.
  • Fixed email validation loop
  • Fixed timezone not correctly being set

Additions to J-Shops 🏪

  • Added J1 functionality to approve / manage / handle requests
  • Added J7 functionality to add / remove courses
  • Added J9 functionality to add / remove livestreamers

J Shop Staff Member Notice

As it currently stands, we have an overlap of permissions. Due to the transition of version 1 to version 2, a lot has changed in the backend operations. Prior to this release, each shop had its own series of parent-level permissions and child-level permissions. This was redundant and has been forgone. However, that being said J1 and J7 may notice in the exchange of tabs that there may be a link overlap or two. (Mainly J7).

I'm aware of this as it actively presents complications for both J7 and J9, and rapidly working to resolve this.

Permission J1 J7 J9 Administration

As it currently stands for permissions as of V2. Now, due to the old overlap of v1, some of these functionalities are still condensed to admin.{permission}, and has caused some conflicts internally. I hope to have this resolved ASAP, and ideally before the new year.

Random Ranting

Now, with all that out of the way; we've got a lot of pretty awesome changes in the pipeline. Please bear with me as we get these features rolled out, I'll be on LOA for the next two months while I am in Washington. (The state, not DC.) While there, I actively whenever I have time working on the features that can be found on our Trello which can be found here;

I'll actively update the Trello as I progress, we're currently on version 2.0.3, and this will actively be pulled across.


Patel. – J6

Posted on December 01, 2021.


Sangin, Afghanistan, 2006. 3 Para's on the verge of pushing into Takitchi

MCpl B.Ogden is hosting another fantastic Community Operation night this coming Sunday, Dec 5th @ 6:30pm EST. Whether you will be joining the platoon on the ground and making the push into Takitchi in order to drive the Taliban out. Or, joining myself with 7-Wing to provide air logistics and HCAS, the Community Operation is bound to be an exciting time!

Be sure to have the following ready for Sunday!

  • Mods downloaded in advance (under Mod-Pack it is the Moosehead Ops Pack)
  • Come 30 minuites early to get your kit ready for step-off
  • And remember, while its not the offical OP, please bring that 7CMBG professionalism as MCpl B.Ogden puts time and effort into making these nights enjoyable!

If you have any questions, feel free to DM myself (Lt. D.Bailey) or MCpl B.Ogden.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Posted on November 29, 2021.


Defending Canada's North on Foot, and Wheels!

Sgt C.Jokanovich & 2Lt S.Andrews conducted an innovative new Combined Arms DP1-C and Lav Commander Training this past weekend. In preparation for an escalating campaign in Canada's north as part of Operation Kingmaker.

As part of the combined training action, the dismounted sections conducted Battle Drills, the bread and butter of Section tactics, working with vehicles, understanding the safety and procedure around our airframes and armoured vehicles.

Special Thanks from 7CMBG News goes to Cpl B.Whiles for the Photos

Posted on July 07, 2021.