Canadian peacekeepers in 360 formation on a patrol (FICTIONAL MILSIM)

Canadian troops from 1 PL, A COY, 1RCHC, embarked from FOB YUMA IOT make contact with warlords and elders in the approximate village with hopes to establish friendly relations with the towns. Their mission was to sit down with the elders and conduct a "shura" (Arabic for consultation/meeting) and provide humanitarian aid as needed. Three sections were sent out to different zones of responsibilities with the potential to make contact with as many town elders as possible. However, due to the unknown terrain and social relations in the region, this proved more difficult than A COY command had anticipated.

Canadian peacekeepers conduct patrols in the surrounding towns (FICTIONAL)

A Canadian peacekeeper in ANIZAY, MALI (FICTIONAL)

2 and 3 sections found little to no contact with the elders or anyone else and continued to conduct patrol missions in their AORs. However, despite warnings from some villagers that the area was dangerous, 1 SECTION to the N stumbled into a roadblock. A car bomb detonated nearby, killing several villagers and wounding many more. A MEDEVAC helicopter was called in to evacuate the wounded civilians but this turned out to be a trap as hostile militia forces ambushed the bogged down section and fired at the helicopter to prevent it from landing. 1 SECTION suffered only several wounded and none needed to be evacuated. Thankfully, reinforcements from platoon command and weapons detachment arrived shortly after to push the hostiles back.

RCAF CH-147 Chinook helicopter en-route to land IOT evacuate heavily injured civilians from a car bomb. (FICTIONAL)

Canadian MRAP providing cover for infantry as they conduct patrols around ANIZAY. (Fictional)

Whether it was coordinated or not, each section began taking fire from hostile militia around the same time. With superior firepower and marksmanship, the militias were beaten back no matter how many times they attempted to push the Canadian troops. They were unable to force the Canadians to retreat despite increasing their attacks with heavier weapons (such as RPGs and PKMs).

Canadian MRAP under attack by hostile militia forces (off picture). (FICTIONAL)

Turret gunner in a firefight against hostile militia forces. Just earlier before this photo was taken, an RPG round landed 100m in front of the MRAP; no one was injured. (FICTIONAL)

1 and 2 SECTIONS were unsucessful in their missions to encounter any elders and returned to base after finishing their patrol routes. Both sections encountered light resistance from other scattered militia forces unfriendly to UN Forces. 3 SECTION, led by Sgt J.Stauder, was successful in establishing contact with a town warlord in their AOR and conducted a Shura with this warlord, who we only know as "Jean-Baptiste." The details of this shura remain confidential between Platoon and Company Command staff.

Posted on April 10, 2022.

1 PL, A COY, 1RCHR, taking a final photo before stepping off for the mission (Fictional unit)

On 19 MAR 2022, 1930 EST, members of 1 Platoon, A COY, successfully established an official presence in MALI in FOB YUMA. The base was abandoned by the UN many years ago; in that time, civilians had used it as their homes and a small marketplace to exchange goods and services with one another.

1 PL encountered an armed militia in an intersection but made friendly contact with them.* (See photo below)* Capt M.Campbell, with his expertise, was able to establish a neutral friendship with the militia, who called themselves the 'Northern Militia,' agreeing to not operate in their territory as long as they did not interfere with UN operations in the region. When Canadian troops retook the abandoned UN base, there was strong protest from the civilians who were living there for many years.

1 PL encounters a neutral militia force, calling themselves the "Northern Militia". Capt Campbell established a neutrality pact with them. (FICTIONAL)

1 PL members established a perimeter inside the base and clearing out the buildings of civilians and any suspicious material while they waited for elements of 2 Platoon to arrive in the base with the necessary supplies. 7 Wing assets began flying in food, water, ammunition, weapons, and other supplies for the base.

1 PL members holding position to wait for the rest of the platoon to land (Fictional)

1 PL en-route from the landing zone to FOB YUMA IOT establish a permanent presence within the region. (Fictional)

Soon after taking a presence in FOB YUMA, troops encountered Northern Militia forces engaging in combat with another militia force (presumably hostile). The fighting soon reached the UN base. Under the agreement, Northern Militia had retreated from the FOB. Hostile militia began assualting the base. Our troops returned the favour and repelled the assault quickly.

Patrols were conducted around the immediate surroundings to get a lay of the terrain until sunset. 2 PL then relieved 1 PL from stand-to. A COY command officially marked Day 1 of Operation Shepard II an overwhelming success.

1 PL conducting an AAR after the first day before being relieved off post by 2 PL for the evening.(Fictional)

Posted on March 23, 2022.

Canadian soldiers create perimeter around a burning car bomb in Mali (7CMBG images; these are NOT depictions of real life situations)

New campaign kicks off for the 7 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group! We have deployed as a light infantry unit to Anizay, a fictional region in Mali, where several militia groups are fighting for power over the country after the government fell into anarchy. UN peacekeeping forces have deployed to conduct humanitarian missions and provide a ceasefire line between the militia groups and oversee the volatile situation in the country. UN peacekeepers led by Canadian troops establish a checkpoint in a town in Mali (fictional milsim image)

With the use of the ALiVE module, the campaign will have a persistency system implemented meaning players will always spawn in every mission with the carriage they had prior to logging off the operation before. If a player used four magazines one op, they will spawn with four less magazines. There will be no arsenal to reload kits and resupply may/may not happen. This is to simulate as close as possible real-life operations that the Canadian Forces conducted where resupply was not possible for several days or perhaps weeks.

Canadian soldiers create another perimeter after friendly forces are injured by a militia ambush. Identities of the militia remain unknown. (Milsim images; this is all fictional)

First mission kicks off tonight at 1830EST! Hope to see everyone there and let's make this an awesome campaign!

Posted on March 19, 2022.

ACOY LAV 6s disembarking from the FOB (virtual Arma)

Canadian Mechanized Troops Successfuly Break Through Russian Lines

On 06 FEB 2022, A COY, despite understrength, was tasked to launch another mechanized assault on the weakened Russian line while 2 PL conducted an assault on OBJ IMPALA, a small town NE of a confirmed Russian firebase (OBJ TAHOE) fortified around a grain mill. 3 PL simultaneously attacked a dug in entrenchment SE of OBJ TAHOE. 1 PL supported by friendly artillery and tanks conducted the main assault through enemy artillery and mortar fire and secured OBJ TAHOE with haste. Burning wreck of a Russian BTR or BMP in the background as friendly tanks cover infantr (virtual Arma)

Combat team driving past a burning vehicle inside OBJ IMPALA (Virtual Arma)

Canadian LAVs roll past more burning vehicles around OBJ TAHOE and OBJ IMPALA destroyed by friendly armour. (Virtual Arma)

Combat Team commander Lt S.Andrews coordinating with Capt M.Campbell of 1 PL re-consolidated the platoon while 3 PL pushed past OBJ TAHOE to assault the main objective of OBJ MALIBU, the northern end of a town split by a river.

3 PL suffered heavy casualties as the Russian forces were deeply dug in throughout the town and rendered the platoon nearly combat ineffective. 1 PL quickly proceed to relieve the beleaguered platoon at OBJ MALIBU. Friendly artillery and air support cleared the dug in positions in the town while 1st TROOP scored multiple BTR and BMP kills in astonishing fashion.

Mechanized combat team driving past wheat fields en route to OBJ MALIBU to reinforce 3 PL (Virtual)

Mechanized forces escorted by Leopard 2A6Ms at full speed (Virtual

1 PL dismounted to secure OBJ MALIBU but was interrupted by the enemy's own hasty counterattack to retake their positions to no avail. Combined firepower of small arms fire, artillery, air support, and tank fire made quick work of the Russians' counterattacks, successfully repelling them. The Russians were forced to withdraw further S. Combat Team A would eventually secure the rest of the northern end of OBJ TAHOE, dig in, and await reinforcements and replenishment as Canadian troops are still unable to cross the bridge at OBJ MALIBU Russian forces still have S of the town presighted with rear echelon artillery assets (more than our forces can handle currently).

Despite the entire combat team being undermanned and understrength, this quick strike operation is a testament to this unit's capabilities to accomplish their mission no matter the cost. The medical detachment must particularly be thanked for their swiftness in bringing wounded soldiers back to combat effectiveness.

83 personnel tending to a wounded soldier from 3 PL (VIRTUAL THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE)

Canadian troops digging in N of OBJ MALIBU and reconsolidating their forces before the next tasking (VIRTUAL THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE)

Posted on February 06, 2022.

3 Section LAV advancing towards Russian position (Arma virtual) Cr: Sgt T.Dixon

Canadian Troops Conduct a Successful Offensive to Uproot Entrenched Russian Positions

On 22 JAN, 1 PL, A COY of 7CMBG conducted a mechanized assault on entrenched Russian lines N of BEKETOV in order to disrupt the Russian flanks and lines of communication.

A combined assault including an artillery bombardment and aerial strikes overwhelmed the enemy at OBJECTIVE PANTHER. The assault was preceded by an artillery strike by Bravo Battery under Lt K.Hebig and WO N.Mahoney to keep the Russians' heads down while the mechanized forces, accompanied by 1st Troop, C Sqn, advanced in haste towards the trenches. The artillery strike had destroyed most of the Russian positions leaving some stragglers. 1 PL disembarked from the LAV 6s to engage the surviving Russian infantry on foot and cleared the trenches thoroughly.

1 Section LAV inside OBJ PANTHER as infantry clear the surrounding trenches

1 Section LAV in movement

However, the Russians apparently panicked and called in a rocket barrage on OBJECTIVE PANTHER with a battery of BM-21 MLRS. The barrage severely wounded our forces and eventually forced COY Comd to call in reserve forces to continue the assault. ISTAR drones quickly located the positions of these MLRS batteries and relayed the positions to elements of 432 Combat Support Squadron, 7 Wing, who proceeded to neutralize these batteries. They also spotted another SPG battery further to the north which was promptly destroyed by 7 Wing forces.

Despite this major setback, 1 PL quickly recovered and reconsolidated at OBJECTIVE PANTHER which was full control of Canadian forces. Combat Team Commander Lt S.Andrews quickly reorganized the surviving combat team and pushed on towards the objective. Like OBJ PANTHER, Bravo Battery commenced an artillery strike on the Russian trenches at OBJECTIVE TIGER as the mechanized/armoured forces pushed towards the edge of the treeline. There, they swiftly destroyed the surviving Russian positions and cleared the trenches without any further delays. Three prisoners (including an officer) were captured inside the command bunker and escorted back to friendly base for interrogation.

The operation was a success overall but 1 PL would be out of action for several weeks due to the casualties they took during the Russian rocket strike. COY Comd has pulled 1 PL back from the frontlines for the time being until it's back up to strength.

1 Platoon regroups for a platoon AAR after a successful operation. Cr: WO J.Hill

Bdr A.Theodore Bravo Battery, 7RCHA

Posted on January 24, 2022.