The Whale Lets a Downed Bird Fly Again

Operation Urgent Fury, 03/20/21

This past weekend, 7CMBG forces conducted an air assault to rescue a downed helicopter deep within enemy insurgent lines.

7CMBG ground forces, along with support from volunteers from E18 assisted in a daring mission to rescue the aircrew and airframe of a helicopter; suspected to have been downed by a MANPAD in the area.

After conducting an air assault landing in the AO, 7CMBG ground forces moved to the crash site that had been identified through ISR by 7-Wing F-18s overhead. Afterwhich, 7CMBG forces fought small arms fire, mounted emplacement fire, and even armoured up technicals from insurgent groups. Buying enough time for a heavy-lift helicopter nicknamed "The Whale" to rescue the downed airframe (and later aircrew) to safety.

Further proving how important sucessful deployment of combined arms is in theatre. Great work to everyone involved!

Posted on March 23, 2021.