The "Crushing and Effective" Battle of Arobster

The 101st Airborne Go Door-to-Door

Today, the 101st United States Airborne assaulted the regional town of Arobster, a known insurgent stronghold and safe haven in the area. With the assistance of a Canadian Mechanized LAV Platoon in the area, the 101st went door to door searching Arobster for insurgent activity and weapon caches.

With few casualties, 7-Wing of the 7CMBG assisted with medivac duties, seen entering and leaving HLZ sites within Arobster, as well as general CAS runs destroying an insurgent stronghold and multiple technicals in the area.

Overall, the operation was rated an overall success with MCpl B.Ogden stating:

"We conducted a crushing and effective assault against the enemy"

Posted on March 27, 2021.