December 2022 Promotions & New Affiliations

Please take a moment to recognize the following recent promotions for this month. These members have been integral in the running of this unit and we congratulate them on their promotion in the command or leadership role.

  • Promoted to Captain N.Leeder as Medical Commander.
  • Promoted to Captain K.McCarthy as Platoon Commander.
  • Promoted to Lt B. Robinson as 7Wing training staff.
  • Promoted to 2 Lt. J.Chapman as 7Wing JTAC role.
  • Promoted to 2 Lt. M.Marshall as trained 7Wing pilot.

New Affiliations: Several contracts recently awarded to the 7CMBG have included a Navy and Special Forces element. These roles may start to appear on our teamspeak, discord and surrounding us in some operations. While they are not members of the 7CMBG, they may join on operations similar to how Joint Operations run with other groups.

More to follow on this.

Posted on December 11, 2022.