Armoured Crew Skills, and Gunnery Training

7CMBG S. Andrews Instructed Armoured Training, 03/17/21

7CMBG conducted courses covering Mod 1: Introduction to Armour and Mod 2: Armoured Crew Skills and Gunnery.

Mod 1: Covered the Intro to the Importance and Role of Armour in Combined Forces combat, Ammunition Types & their use cases, and the composition of an Armoured Troop.

Mod 2: Covered the Roles and Responsibilities of Armoured Crew, the Importance of Tactical Driving, Fire Orders Format, and Gunner Initiated Engagements

Overall, the course is the first step of developing skills to be an Armoured Crewmember in 7CMBG, with a mixture of theoretical concepts and practice experience.

Posted on March 17, 2021.