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7CMBG has been around since 2007 through ArmA 2 and is now solely an ArmA 3 unit. We are the oldest Canadian MilSim unit in the ArmA community. Our Command Staff is mainly comprised of Active or prior service Canadian Armed Forces Officers.

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What to Expect

We are a professional unit with great servers and like-minded people that have fun in an immersive environment. A lot of our members are Veterans or are currently serving, with many being civilians who have a strong desire in organized & Tactical MilSim. 7CMBG as a MilSim unit seeks a balance of fun and realism, as a result there are times when shooting will not be required, such as resupplying FOBs, patrols, and other missions.

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We're dedicated to realism and Canadian Forces tactics and equipment. If you are too, joining us is easy!