The 7 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group is an ARMA 3 Mil-Sim group dedicated to creating and acting out realistic military scenarios using Canadian Armed Forces doctrine and tactics. 7CMBG is a unit and we work together to achieve our goals, both in game and out. Achieving a realistic simulation of modern combat is our ultimate objective - virtual "body counts" are not our goal. Every success is a group success, every failure is a group failure. There is no glory to one man since we fight together. 7CMBG has been around since 2007 and has a good blend of currently serving and retired Military members, mixed-in with dedicated civilians who have a strong desire in organized & Tactical MilSim. We accept non-Canadian members, keeping in-mind the time-zone used is Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is Toronto, Canada time. Our members are screened for maturity and 7CMBG will not typically accept anyone below the age of 18.

LCol St├ęphane Morency

Brigade CO

Posted on August 01, 2020.