Welcome to the new Website

Welcome to the new Website!

Disclaimer: Everything seen now is subject to change.

Any bugs or issues, features or changes you'd like to report, please fill this form.

For the time, please sign up with discord. Submit an application with real information, and J1 or myself will get to you as soon as possible.

To find your Arma 3 ID… launch the game, VIEW PROFILE OPEN PROFILE EDIT PROFILE select unit get id

To get your teamspeak ID… teamspeak id Your id

What's done so far… as of 08/09/2020

  • Events
  • News
  • Orbat builder (backend)
  • Rank and roles system
  • Permissions
  • Time in grade
  • File system (storage device)
  • Event Signups

Thanks, MCpl R.Patel J6

Posted on September 08, 2020.