OPERATION TRIGGER: Canadian Mechanized Forces Arrive in Ukraine


The Russian government claims Ukrainian forces from Kharkiv have engaged and destroyed several of their installations. In retaliation, Russia drastically ramped up military activity along the Russo-Ukrainian border and mobilized additional units. Ukraine responded in kind stating that they had the inherent right to self defense against Russian aggression against their soverignty. The Ukrainian government immediately called up for volunteer fighters and mobilized their own forces in Kharkiv. Diplomatic negotiations deteriorated further between the two nations and officially broke off on 10 JAN 2022.

11 JAN 2022 - A NATO task force including 7CMBG arrived in Ukraine and along with 2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team (2ID, US Army), they began a road move from Western Ukraine to the Dnieper River.

13-14 JAN 2022 - Russian-backed and Russian ground forces began an offensive operation in the Donetsk province and advanced into Ukraine. The American 2SBCT is rerouted south in order to deter further Russian aggression in southern Ukraine. Elements of the Russian Army's 3rd Motor Rifle Division began their operations over the Ukrainian border, overwhelming the Ukrainian defenses and advancing deep into the country. 7CMBG and the Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade are tasked to support the 92nd Mechanized Brigade in the vicinity of Kharkiv.

16 JAN 2022 - The 92nd MB's positions are overrun by the greater Russian firepower and retreat southeast from the city. Simultaneously, 7CMBG crosses the Dnieper River.

18 JAN 2022 - 7CMBG vanguard elements encounter Russian forces 15km west of Krasnograd. Canadian vanguard forces are ordered to disengage from heavy contact singlehandedly and to scout out the Russians' strength in the AO. 7CMBG currently ordered to maintain defensive positions with the 93rd Mechanized Brigade until further notice.

20 JAN 2022 - SIGNIT and reconnaissance intel from CANSOFCOM determines the Russian motor division's main objective is Poltava and maintained a defensive posture until resupply lines have caught up with them. 93rd Mechanized Brigade begins fortifying defenses in and around Poltava.

22 JAN 2022 - 7CMBG are ordered to assault Russian forces who have entrenched themselves in the tree lines and those advancing along MSR P-148 in order to cut off Russian communication lines and halt their offensive.

Map of Russian forces' advance (Arma virtual)

Posted on January 18, 2022.